The exciting range of Solar Pumps from BLUVOLT ensure uninterrupted water supply throughout the year. This state-of-the-art pump uses solar energy to meet your power requirements!

Different Types Of Solar Pumps

The solar water pump has different applications. It can be used both for your agricultural and drinking water requirements.

The agricultural pump supplies water for crop irrigation and livestock. Water has to be moved through a long-distance both vertically and horizontally and these pumps require higher power compared to drinking water pumps, so they are designed differently.

When it comes to a pump for drinking water, BLUVOLT provides you with two options, one that uses an AC motor and the other that uses a BLDC motor. A BLDC motor is more energy-efficient compared to an AC motor.

Features & Benefits Of Solar Pumps

Solar Pumps from BLUVOLT provide you with some fantastic features and benefits like a stainless steel body, long life, warranty, energy-efficiency and easy installation.

These pumps are constructed using high-grade pure quality stainless steel. This makes the pump durable and improves the functioning of the pump. The solar water pump is designed for superior and reliable performance. It lasts longer, meaning higher savings for you..

The BLUVOLT solar water pump comes with a 12-month warranty. These pumps run on solar power which means your energy bills are going to be much lower than a conventional pump. Installation of a pump is usually a time-consuming and complicated process in remote areas but with the solar water pump from BLUVOLT, it is easy and hassle-free. These pumps can withstand harsh operating conditions as well

All these Solar Pumps have certain specifications that you should know about to decide which one is suitable for you. The specifications include power, supply phase, pipe size, number of stages, head range, and discharge range. There are some differences in the specifications of a drinking water solar pump and an Agricultural Solar Pump.

The solar water pump used for agriculture has a higher power range than the one used for drinking water. While the range for pumps used in agriculture has a power range from 2 to 5 kW or kilowatts and 3 to 5 Hp or horsepower, the ones used for drinking-water pumps range from 0.75 to 1.5 kW and 1 to 2 Hp.

When it comes to the supply phase, both the agricultural pump and the drinking-water pump have 3-phases that are used where medium to a high power supply is required

There are also differences in the pipe size between an agricultural and drinking-water pump. While the pipe size for a drinking-water pump varies between 32 to 50 mm, the dimensions for an agricultural pump range from 50 to 65 mm.

While both types of pumps are multi-stage, there is a broader range for an agricultural pump. The drinking-water pump has 9 to 18 stages and the agricultural pump has 8 to 30 stages since the latter needs more pressure and flow.

The head range for an agricultural pump is also higher than a drinking-water pump ranging between 80-20 metres and 140-60 metres compared to 30-80 metres and 90-40 metres for a drinking water pump.

The discharge range is lower for a drinking water pump at 20-75 litres per minute, and for an agricultural pump, it is 140-335 litres per minute. Given all these benefits, the solar pumps price in India is quite reasonable.

Speciality Pumps

These pumps for specialized applications are used for drawing water or transferring water with high pressure. A vacuum is created using a venturi that sucks in the water to pass through the pump. The pump’s discharge pressure regulates the flow of water through the venturi.

Sometimes, a speciality pump has a serrated impeller that cuts large solids to avoid clogging. These pumps function even when submerged or if the liquid is being supplied from above.

Explore Wide Range of BLUVOLT Speciality Pumps Online

You get an exciting range of options from the BLUVOLT speciality pump category like dewatering pumps, multistage pumps, pressure washing, sewage submersible and swimming pool pumps

A dewatering pump is a high-pressure pump that is used on construction sites, for building dams and powerhouses. These pumps are also used to extract water from pits, sumps etc.

A car washing pump is also an example of a high-pressure pump. This pressure washing pump runs on an electric motor. Water enters through a faucet and is ejected through a hose at high speed. These pumps use high-water pressure for cleaning stubborn stains on cars and trucks, driveways, garage floors and home exteriors.

The sewage submersible pump is used for pumping out muddy or sewage water. It is a washing pump that has non-clog impellers to deal with solids so that the water pumping is not interrupted.

The swimming pool pump is an excellent option for regular cleaning of Swimming Pools. provides the pump with corrosion free engineering plastic which helps pump run in water for longer time. This pump is provided with inbuilt filters which eliminates the need of changing filters manually.

The BLUVOLT speciality pump offers some fantastic features and specifications. The features you get are automatic on/off operation, solid waste handling, anti-rust coating, handling of max liquid temperature, high efficiency, robust design, conservation of water, fitted soap bottle in pressure pump and effective dust filtration.


The BLUVOLT Dewatering pump has a float switch for automatic operation. Fibrous solids are handled effectively by the cutter impeller. The anti-rust CED coating ensures greater protection of the cast iron parts leading to longer life of the pump. It comes with corrosion-free protection with a glass-filled polypropylene body and anti-corrosive SS parts. It can also handle maximum liquid temperature up to 120 degrees.

The pump works effectively within a broad voltage band. The highly efficient design means savings on electricity bills.

The robust design makes the pumps more durable and the in-built filter ensures complete dirt filtration.

In Car Washing pumps, the soap bottle or tank with the pump makes car washing smooth and fast. These pumps need less water for cleaning which leads to a reduction in wastage of water. These pumps are lightweight and portable.

The specifications for these speciality pumps include power, supply phase, pipe size, no of stages and head range.

For more significant water pressure and flow, you would need higher kW or Hp. The pipe size and the head range will determine the vertical distance to which the liquid can be pumped