About us

Bluvolt Energy is one of the fastest growing energy company in Solar Power & Transmission Solutions in India, with a team of young and dynamic professionals we are actively engaged in providing premium quality products and high end services. Our corporate aim of creating premium quality products is accompanied by our mission towards a happy society. Our Vision constantly encourages us to offer a wide range of superior quality and reliable solutions to harness the environmental energy for eco-friendly and sustainable power generation. As an energy enterprise, we aim to encourage the use of Solar Energy and Green Transmission to raise our levels of expertise by engineering sustainable power generation solutions.

With a combined force of advanced technology, experienced team, state-of-the-art manufacturing & operations, we aim to soar high to new heights of power and success.

We are contributing to India's Green Energy initiative through strong emphasis on product innovations and offering efficient Solar Power & Transmission Solutions. We continue to advance our entire value chain by providing wide range of Solar Energy solutions like Solar Street Lights System, Solar Power Plants, Solar Inverters, Solar Water Pumps, Solar Batteries, Solar Panels, Solar Heaters, LED Lights and Transmission products like Motors Gearboxes and Pumps to our diversified with the help of our established distribution channel and exports network.

Our Green Mission

Our Green mission goes beyond delivering environmentally sustainable products. We are constantly trying to help our customers sustain their businesses, lifestyle, productivity & passions. This is the core of our mission as a green company. We’re proud to be an industry leader in promoting eco-friendly business practices. Striving to protect and sustain our environment is a given at every stage of our product lifecycles, from development and production to customer use and disposal.

Our Values

We meet the energy demands, provide affordable solutions and promote sustainability by harnessing energy. We create awareness and propagate the use of clean and green power by encompassing as many people as possible. Our corporate aim of creating benchmark eco-friendly Solar Power & Transmission products is accompanied by our mission towards a happy society.

As the energy inspires harnessing green power for people on this planet, a smile of contentment transpires fulfillment of our responsibility towards society and thus we believe in-
• Ethical Business Policies
• International Quality Standards
• Comprehensive Customer Satisfaction

Our Quality Policy

With customer satisfaction as our highest priority, Bluvolt has devised a Corporate QC Policy based on our Corporate Philosophy, Basic Management Policy and Charter of Corporate Behavior. We follow a consistent approach to quality and make continuous efforts to provide reliable quality and ensure that our customers globally are always satisfied.

• Strict compliance of the company’s services with National and International
• Team of experienced and seasoned professionals
• Comprehensive and Strict Quality Standards at all stages
• Timely Delivery
• Cost efficiency without compromising quality standards
• High levels of responsibility towards customers for quality rendered
• Providing high quality of services to exceed customer expectations
• Focus on Process Management and continous improvement of the company services
• Maintenance of QMS Standards
• Fullfilment of customer requirements